NOC condemns terrorist attack near Zellah oil field

National Oil Corporation (NOC) condemns in the strongest possible terms a terrorist attack this morning near the Zellah oilfield.
According to security assessment, extremists stormed the main gate between Zellah city and the local oilfield operated by NOC subsidiary Zueitina Oil Company (ZOC). The attack resulted in three reported casualties, including one Libyan citizen. NOC regrets this unnecessary loss of life and expresses condolences to the relatives of the fallen.
The incident caused no immediate impact on operations. ZOC management held an emergency meeting to review security protocols, requesting that the local Petroleum Facilities Guard take necessary precautions.
NOC chairman, Eng. Mustafa Sanalla denounced the attack and warned of the risk to the oil sector from current hostilities: “NOC strongly condemns today’s terrorist attack that could have easily endangered oil sector workers and infrastructure. The incident highlights the fragile security situation in our country and the need for an immediate ceasefire. Ongoing hostilities have created a security vacuum that extremists are now taking advantage of - potentially plunging Libya into even deeper chaos.”
NOC denounces all conflict and the impact it has on attempts to rebuild the energy sector, and subsequent loss of international investor confidence.
18 May 2019